Newiest New Year

I have been working through a New Years exercise that started with February and breaks the year down into Feb-Apr/May-July/Aug-Oct/Nov-Jan and I’m a little surprised I’ve never thought of it that way before, because it makes so much sense. I’ve been clawing myself out of my Christmas hole in fits and starts. I’m almost entirely …

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Calling My Yaya

Originally posted on Pagan Bloggers. Today is my Yaya’s birthday. She would have been 85 today. On the ancestor altar, she is represented by a tiny set of ceramic cats she let me have years ago. I’ve written about her in bits and pieces. She took care of me as a small kid when my …

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Powers The City

Local Gods: Portlandia

I imagine that Portlandia wonders sometimes how Athena managed with Athens. Portland wants desperately to be a city of art and craft, of good food and progressive politics, hip and clever, full of small businesses and neighborhoods that are still full of neighbors, a beautiful city full of art and nature. And it is those …

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Carnival Season

Just recently I saw my first carnival of the season. As I see Wodanaz in both the Hunt and the Carnival, the first carnival of the year is a moment like the first farmer’s market, where I am seeing a power shift from their winter self to their summer self and I stop to acknowledge …

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For Mara Poetry

Winter's Mara

who are you without your identity? lay down, settle in your bones let your self release above you, a balloon you are disconnected from. you are your body, too, what is left when your soul leaves. feel your body breathing, digesting, slowing, churning, falling apart an inch at a time. she keeps us alive, feeding …

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