So here’s the thing.

I need feedback on my poetry, or else I can’t seem to get motivated to type and clean up stuff once I spew it out in my notebook. Hence, blog.

However, I’ve been thinking about actually sending stuff somewhere for publication, and generally that requires that you let them be the first to print something. Alas, blog.

So I need to find a way to get feedback on my poetry without posting it out in the middle of my blog, apparently.

I sent in an application to Fertile Ground, but haven’t heard anything since, so I was thinking about seeing if any of you guys would be interested in reading locked posts with poetry I’m trying to workshop in them, if I gave you the password, or if maybe a couple people who aren’t already in a group wanted to make one, or if anybody could recommend another crit group that’s currently open to new members?


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  1. I’m definitely interested in reading your password-protected work. But I have to tell you that I have the same problem with submissions. Here’s my take on things.

    With all of the many online and print pubs out there, you can definitely places that take poems posted on blogs. Since most blogs have a small following, many places don’t consider the poems “published.” I think it comes down to reading the submission guidelines for specific exclusion of blog-posted poems.

    My philosophy is that the system does not favor writers so we have to bend the rules but not break them.

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