Getting Ready for Nano

Yes, I am doing NaNoWriMo this year. I’m working on a story with vampires in it! I know, I know, but two of my three winning Nanos have had vampire hunting in them so I think vampiric themes are good luck.

You may or may not be aware that In Medias Res started out as a Nano project. It did! The first two Father Dylan stories were sort of mushed together in my first-ever winning Nano, along with a bunch of other stuff I haven’t yet polished up for posting here, and Sic Transit Fidei was last year’s Nano. I never did finish it, but after posting the edited chapters here I do intend to do that on the weekly posting schedule, so it should post as a clean, weekly feature.

As for this year’s Nano, with its working title of Starlings, I intend to post it chapter by chapter on my journal as I go. Depending on how it comes out, I may try to clean it up for querying and publication, or I may just post it here after Sic Transit Fidei is finished. The outline for Starlings is thirty chapters, so that’s roughly a chapter a day, assuming I manage to stay on my timeline this year.

As if that ever happens.

Sic Transit Fidei is all edited through December and will continue to be posted during November. Time and the apocalypse wait for no man, not even the man participating in this year’s Nano!

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