Friday Gauge Check

So my girlfriend does the “Friday Gauge Check” on her knitting blog as a way to check in every week and encourage herself to be emotionally honest. I’d feel bad stealing the idea, but the gauge is a standard of measurement used for metal as well as for knitting, so I figure it’s not too ridiculous.

Due to the oddities of holidays and semester starts, I don’t actually have a class this week. My Monday class starts this upcoming Monday and I’m looking forward to it, though I’m also a little scared about having to actually buckle down and get to work starting next weekend.

I haven’t talked about much in my personal life here aside from my classes, but I’m going to start incorporating it into my Gauge Check. First is my day job, the thing that’s paying the bills while I’m in school. It’s not the best job ever, but it’s not a bad gig even if it is a desk job. Right now we’re about to start a major reorganization of my department and, well, there’s a lot of gallows humor going around.

I’m trying not to let myself get panicky or depressed about it for two reasons. First, because I can’t control it, and second, because the changes haven’t actually come down yet. I know now that I won’t be here forever, and I’m actively working toward that goal, so it’s easier. They announced today that they’re not letting anyone go even if they are shuffling us around, so I’ll have a job. I can’t decide how I’ll feel about that job until, well, until I’m assigned it next week. No point worrying now.

We went to a street fair tonight and I one of my favorite artists was set up. I talked to her about what she’s working on now and decided to wait until next month to get a big print of hers rather than buy a smaller one now. I’ve been following her work for over a year at different local shows and it’s been really amazing to watch her develop as an artist. I haven’t really done any of my own art this week because of some distracting health issues, but looking at the artwork there reminds me that I need to get back to it.

So, with that in mind, the second part of the gauge check is meant to be goals for next week.

School: I’ll have my first welding class on Monday, and then I have to squeeze out the money to buy required gear for both classes in the window between paycheck, financial aid and my next blacksmithing class on Saturday. Goal is to make that work out.

Work: I’ll find out what position I’m assigned to sometime next week. Goal is to figure out how to make the best of whatever it is.

Passion: This one’s easy since I haven’t been doing anything. Goal is one painting or colored art piece. Bonus goal is two, or some character sketches.

So how was your week?

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