This week, I learned to use the plasma cutter. It was hands-down the most fun out of everything I learned this semester. I cut probably two dozen little metal leaves out while getting used to using the thing, just to play around.

Tomorrow, I go shopping.

Not at the Tempe Festival of the Arts, though I’ll probably be there too, browsing.

No, tomorrow I’m going down to one of the industrial metal supply companies in town. I’ll be buying some steel and some aluminum. Now that I learned plasma cutting, I leveled up to Welder Who Is Probably Not Going to Kill Himself and now we’re on our own in class. We basically get to show up with metal and happily work with it from the beginning of class until the end.

This promises to be much, much more fun than class has been so far. Of course, now I have to decide what I’m going to make…

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