Counting Down

When I started this semester, I was excited, motivated, thrilled. I had made something I wanted badly come to fruition. I was here to learn these skills I wanted to learn.

The middle of the semester got bogged down in health issues and the long slog through all the types of welding I was expected to… if not master, then at least make a good show at.

Now the end of the semester is creeping up on me. I have only one day of working time left in both of my classes. It hardly seems like any time at all. And then what?

The cold copper hammerwork, that I can do at home. I really should track down a small anvil or something to work on, but I can make do. Beyond that, I need space and I need money. I could build a propane forge or buy a basic welding machine on sale for $100 or so. I might be able to rig up something for less using an Instructables tutorial.

Space, however, is the thing I can’t do anything about. Not in the short term, anyway. At the very least I’m probably looking at taking the summer off. In the fall I might be able to take another class or two – or move somewhere with a garage or yard I can work in. But there’s no guarantee there, either. In fact, to work toward some of my long term goals, I probably won’t be able to do either in the fall.

Yes, it’s disappointing. But the skills are learned; I won’t lose them. And there are other things I want to work on in the meantime. Continuing with the copper work is only one of those things. Finishing with my classes will give me time to pursue those things.

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