I got just a little overwhelmed over the weekend.

I’m not really surprised. In addition to the moving/packing, there’s a lot of other things up in the air about this move. For example, I don’t yet know what the job situation will look like. To top everything off, an unexpected car bill cut into the savings on Saturday.

Sunday night, as I was going through paperwork and old journals, a lot of things came to a head. I had to sort through the paperwork from my various surgeries to decide what needed to be kept. (If anybody wants pictures of my brain, I have lots!) Going through old journals reminded me of people who’ve gone out of my life.

And somewhere around three in the morning, I looked around the apartment, which is a mess of boxes for different destinations – trash, recycling, thrift store, secondhand book store, pagan store that takes secondhand. I felt overwhelmed by the stuff around me, the idea of sorting through all of it, and the idea of fitting what we want to keep into some kind of moving plan.

My solution, as always, lies in more planning. I priced the very largest option we could possibly need – an actual moving van with a trailer – and while we may not want to use that option, we know we can fall back on it if we need to.

It’s a little too early in the process to fret about the details I won’t even know for weeks. Better to focus on what I can control.

Oh, and on Monday I posted the display cabinet on Craigslist. I immediately got a response from someone who wanted to pay me an “extra $50” if I would take a cashier check. This is my first ever Craigslist scam response!

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