More Waxing Poetic About My Books

I’m down to 49 books, guys. I counted.

I don’t usually ascribe to the “count all the things” school of minimalism, but in this particular case, I was curious. Considering that as far back as I can remember, I’ve had more books than I’ve had shelves.

Of course, we’re making progress selling all our shelves too so I guess I might still end up with more books than shelves. Two jewelry storage units went out yesterday thanks to Craigslist, and I’m waiting to hear from one of my coworkers about whether she wants to arrange the sale of two bookshelves and a desk today.

I’m just starting into the throws of “no, really, do I want to keep this?” now, as we hit the one-month deadline. Right now, everything needs to justify itself, and I need to keep reminding myself that everything needs to answer that question instead of packing things without thinking about it.

Our notice is officially given to the apartment complex, so we’re moving at the end of August no matter what!

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  1. 49! Yikes! I own over 1000 books, and I’ve just recently started making an effort to cut down, because I don’t have quite enough shelves. However, I’m very sure I’ll never be at 49, nor do I want to be. There are too many series that I love and will always want to reread. I am trying to be more realistic about what I’m actually going to reread, though, and donating things that were “pretty good, but not Harry Potter good”. My current goal: Get under 1000 books and stay there!

    Congrats on your way more impressive accomplishment!

    1. I’m kind of cheating, because I have an ebook reader and a lot of my books have been replaced by electronic copies. XD Almost anything I can get that way was easy to decide to pass along to someone else.

      1. Aah. I still have trouble with that. My boyfriend has an e-reader, and it’s convinced me I can part with most of my public domain books. I just love paper books, though. They’re my guilty pleasure.

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