Gauge Check: Christmas Eve

Totally stealing this one from the girlfriend – she does her Gauge Check every week to review the prior week and see whether she’s made progress or not.

I’m feeling okay about this week. I got my short-term goals organized in an immediate fashion. I managed to get some words down on paper, even if it wasn’t the project I had planned.

Actually, that was rather the theme of the week – changes of plans. I was going to work on an original fiction project, but then something came along with a Christmas Eve deadline and caught me offguard. I was planning to do some job-hunting work with a timeline of two or three weeks, but an interview for a job I really want turned up on short notice so I’m winging that too.

In case you were wondering, by the way, the phone interview went well enough that I have an in-person interview on Tuesday. Now I get to spend all weekend working up to that and trying not to overthink it at the same time.

Other than the job hunt flailing, the week was pretty straightforward. The training at my current job is dull. I’ve been exercising a bit, mostly using dance and sports video games. I’ve been cutting down on junk food but not really replacing it with anything, just eating less. I’m not sure this counts as a viable long-term strategy. I guess we’ll see.

Plans for the weekend include honey pots, reorganizing, and writing. We’ll see how those go.

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