On Being On, and Keeping On

Think of this as a late gauge check, I guess. I spent all of last week in training, and while I can’t say that I hated every minute of it, I can say that it was dull and required a level of being socially “on” that usually isn’t even demanded of me at my job.

I’m not good at being on all the time. I’m an introvert at heart, though I’m told I fake it well enough when I have to. I don’tlike being social, though, and I doubt I ever will. It’s just the thing I put up with.

So I keep on doing it, because I have to do it, and because complaining doesn’t actually benefit anybody. I do have some ideas about getting into a job that requires less social on-ness, but none of them is really ready to go into effect right now. So back to work I go, tomorrow.

I spent the weekend only doing things that I wanted to do, and it was some much-needed recharging, though. It’s amazing how far a little self-care will go.

One last thing – I’ve added a Firebirds section above to round up my own writing on the firebird topic as well as bits and pieces I like having at hand for reference. I’ll be updating the list as I write more on the subject.

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