Full Time Is Not Enough Time

This week somehow ended up feeling even longer than last week did. It started with a phone call early Monday morning, telling me I needed to meet with a client an hour and a half earlier than my shift normally starts and why wasn’t I there yet? So I got my ass there in fifteen minutes. And the whole week has been like that – fixing things that didn’t get done while I was away last week, and feeling overwhelmed because we’re still short-staffed until my new coworker’s training wheels come off.

I took a half-day today and still ended up at almost 40 hours. That kind of week. (Thank you for the overtime opportunities, Mara, I’m very grateful. Can things calm down now, though?)

The half-day was pretty great, though. The Rose City Yarn Crawl is this weekend, and my girlfriend was determined to visit all 19 shops on the list. I decided I’d rather join her than read about it on her blog. So far, I am pleased with my decision. We stopped at seven yarn stores today and I spent an hour earlier this week mapping most of the further ones for tomorrow.

It’s nice to get to spend some quality time with my girlfriend even if we’re not spending a lot of money or really accomplishing much. It’s the hanging out and talking that means everything. I wish I had more of that, but, well, food on the table. I’ve got some vague plans for that but they’re not in the immediate future.

What is in the immediate future: more yarn store. More taking advantage of every minute I have.

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