Sometimes You Do Something

I’ve never been formally trained in magic. I’m mostly spirit taught, aside from the dicking around I did in college with the Pagan Club. And while I’ve done alright for myself, in my humble opinion, I think I’ve missed out on some things, too, and others are coming back to bite me.

I had some bad experiences with specific practitioners, and those caused me to snap over to the other side, as it were. I have been skeptical to the point of ignoring my own intuition for months now. I realized that I need something to make me sit down and start from scratch, relearning what I’ve forgotten. And I need more than my own will to do it, since my own will hasn’t done it yet. I need some sort of structure.

So I’m going to give the ADF dedicant path a try. I’ve been looking at all the major druid groups off and on a for a few months now, but ADF wins because they have two groups in my immediate area and because I have some experience of the organization, even if it didn’t make a wholly positive impression on me.

I figure, if it doesn’t work out, I can try something else next year. Right now, though, I just need something to keep me pointed in the right direction.


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  1. Oh, nice! I do like their program as a system of study, and ADF is a good group overall (though individual groves can be hit or miss, of course). Curious to see how it goes.

    1. I figure if nothing else, having some structure will give me a gauge as to what kind of structure I benefit from and what I don’t, and I can go from there…

  2. Welcome to the ADF! I came to the group in a very similar manner .. I’m mostly self/spirit taught and feel the need for some formal review. It’s like any organization .. mostly positive with some challenges, but overall I’m glad I joined them. I’m interested to see your thoughts on the group as you work with them.

    1. I’m glad I’m not the only one coming from that angle. I’ll most likely be doing my dedicant journaling here as I go so my thoughts will definitely be on parade for everyone to see if you’re interested.

  3. I’m restarting as well. That’s why I tried to get that one party started which kinda didn’t happen. Now, I’m working on just doing beginners posts at the blog to force myself to remember my training, which was all self-taught from books, and my own practice. Even as I crank out these posts about the basics, I feel the rusty wheels turning, and some of them protest and only budge a little. It just takes time. I’m glad you found a group to work with. I wish we had something like that in this area, but unfortunately the only groups around here want to meet for coffee and discuss topics that I’m really not that interested in, so my group are my bloggy friends and anyone else I meet online for now.

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