Prayer to Kuan Yin

Om mani padme hum.
Hail to the jewel
in the heart of the lotus,
multifaced, hermaphroditic,
goddess of compassion
and bodhisattva of patience.
I often cause suffering.
My mouth moves faster
Than my regret, coughing up
Emotional acid reflux.
Share your infinite compassion
With my fucked up self,
A minty chewy taste
When my foot’s in my mouth.
Teach me how you love all beings
When they’re so fucking stupid.
Teach me how not to
Call them all so fucking stupid
Since that doesn’t seem
Terribly Buddhist of me.
I really am a terrible Buddhist,
O lady of compassion.
Luckily for me you put up with that.
Show me how to save everyone
Or if you can’t, I’ll settle
For learning when to shut up.
Thanks, o bodhisattva
Who sees the suffering of the world.
Namo guan shih yin pusa.

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