Things That Are Not Fair

You may remember how, all of two days ago, I announced that I was not going to acquire any new books that I had not already preordered until the end of the year.

I am being sorely tested, guys. In the 48 hours or so since I posted that, two bloggers I follow have posted free books for download and I got an email that Indiana University Press is having a 50% off sale through Thursday.

This includes Of Gods and Men: Studies in Lithuanian Mythology, which you can’t even find used for less than $30 but is $18 on sale, along with scholarly book on the Kalevala.

I don’t know what to do! Seriously, if it wasn’t a book that I’d been trying to track down but couldn’t locate in a local library, I’d be able to push it aside, but… I am so, so tempted right now.

Should I stick to the promise I made, guys? If I break down two days in, am I a total failure? Or is this a special situation? (Or is someone willing to buy it as a present to get me a loophole that way?)

Tell me what to do! I have until Thursday.

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  1. Thats rough. Very rough. I … would probably break my promise and buy the book since it was on super special deal, but then to punish myself put it away and not let myself read it till next year 🙂 Good luck

  2. Since I only visited here for the first time just now, I can’t imagine what made you decide to not acquire any new books.
    Just picture yourself in the future, when you have the new books. Are you happy? Or are you disappointed in yourself and feeling remorse? If you’re happy, buy the damn books. This isn’t that big a deal… unless you’re not eating and don’t have rent money or something. In that case, don’t buy the books, keep your priorities straight.
    That’s me, giving advice to someone I don’t know… 🙂

  3. Buy it……you will regret not doing so. Why live with regret? If you have been trying to track down this book, I can see absolutely no reason not to get it NOW!!!

  4. I think that you should definitely be allowed to download the free ebooks — especially if they were written by the folks who posted them. That totally qualifies as a gift, IMO, and it’s not as if they take up physical space… Plus ebooks are generally tiny in disk size. I know, I’m a terrible influence — I can’t help collecting books when I’m able, especially ebooks!

  5. We discussed this last night, but I thought I’d leave you a comment anyway. The point of your Year of Good Intentions was to curb the impulsive acquisition of books, whether physical or electronic. An electronic library in which you can’t really see what you have is only better than a collection of paperbacks in boxes only in that it doesn’t require actual space. It’s still clutter. Your blogger friends’ books would be adding to the e-clutter. The IUP book, despite the physical fact of its presence, is a volume you’ve clearly researched and priced, therefore *it is not an impulse purchase.* I think if this is going to be something more meaningful than a year of pointless deprivation, you need to examine the reasons you acquire books and what it says about you and your place in the world.

    Love you.

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