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There was going to be a post about Ostara ritual tonight, but guys, I’m not gonna lie. It was snowing when I left work, and I have a really hard time celebrating spring when it’s fucking snowing in late March. So instead I am going to revisit yesterday’s conundrum.

Thank you all for the suggestions, first of all. It’s amazing how much it helps to talk it out. I will tell you what I decided, and why.

On the free books, I decided to forgo them, at least for now. Part of the reason for doing the exercise was to make me appreciate what I have rather than just mindlessly acquiring more. Sure, mindlessly-acquired ebooks don’t take up any space, but they have psychological weight. I see them, and I know I haven’t read them. Also I’ve gotten to the point of being slightly compulsive about hunting down free ebooks, or even buying inexpensive ones. I do it without really thinking about whether I’m actually going to read them.

As for Of Gods and Men, most of you thought I should get it because I’ve wanted it for some time, and I decided you guys are right. The point is not to mindlessly deny myself; the point is to be thoughtful and intentional about the books I acquire. Buying this book, which I’ve wanted for a while and happens to be on a very good sale, makes complete sense.

So thank you guys for you advice! It definitely helped.

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  1. Once it started snowing during our Ostara ritual we were having outside. Sometimes the Gods like to poke fun at us. lol

    And I’m glad you got the book!

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