The One Who Will Remember Everything

Normally I would feel weird taking a song written for one goddess, however loosely, and associating it with another, but Dar Williams has taken care of that for me by disassociating the song herself.

[on] ‘I Am the One Who Will Remember Everything’, I based it on Hera [but I learned it didn’t fit], so I kind of made up my own goddess, my own sort of warrior goddess of children.
Dar Williams, quoted in You Will Ride With Me Tonight

While most of the songs on this album work quite well for the deities they were written for – You Will Ride With Me Tonight and Crystal Creek are probably my favorites – this song struck a chord with me in an entirely different way. I Am The One Who Will Remember Everything is the voice of a goddess watching over a warzone, watching as those who are orphaned grow up to become the kind of adults who create orphans.

My Dark Lady, the first one who reached out to me, she is a woman who takes in the lost and the hurt – who would reach out to orphans to help them start healing. She knows the art of war; she’s one of the goddesses who encouraged me when I was learning to fight. It’s necessary, but not something to be done lightly. She taught me restraint at the same time.

She is a lady familiar with history. She has been watching for a long time. She will tell, if you ask correctly. So I think it’s not wrong to give her the epithet The One Who Will Remember Everything.

She is the one who reminds me who I am, and who I am not, when I forget. She is the only deity that has held my hand, metaphorically and otherwise, when I needed that level of care and concern. Odin and Loki have been around longer, but they’re not exactly deities known for their comforting ways.

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