Meditation Monday

Another week of little things that will hopefully add up to big things. There was a post to one of the ADF lists last week that I quite liked, offering up a Norse-themed, fire and ice version of the two powers meditation.

I experimented with it a few times. I have a hard time with the image of ice in the center of the earth, though; too much of a geology geek for that.

I know fire is associated with the upper world and water with the underworld, but I want to try something else this week to see how it feels: instead of the fire and water as symbols of the kindreds, I want to consider fire and ice as natural forces. Fire that rests beneath my feet, in the earth. Ice that extends above my head, the absolute cold of space. I think there’s room for both approaches, even if one is more in line with ADF cosmology than the other.

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