Gauge Check: Calling In Dead

the view behind the Hillsboro Library
the view behind the Hillsboro Library

This week, you guys. I’ve been absolutely swamped at work with a project that I’m basically doing as a favor. It’s getting me lots of kudos and is definitely something that needs to be done, but wow has it been a handful. It culminated in two days of skipped lunches and staying late, and technically we’re still not quite done, but it’s looking much better now than it did two weeks ago.

On the homefront, I gave up on the old router and bought a replacement at Goodwill. Cost ten dollars, plus it has better range and is faster than the old one. I chose a new name for the wireless network and feel like I finally have the wards back up to my standards.

I also felt the need to reorganize the altars this week. I’m working on a particular project on Mara’s altar and I wanted to move it where it would be easy to work with all the time. This, of course, entailed moving almost everything else as well. It’s good to get some new energy going, though. Our apartment tends to get a little stuffy – there’s no way to get a breeze in without opening the front door onto the hallway – so moving things around is the best way to deal with stagnant energy. (As opposed to dealing with stagnant air, which calls for a fan.)

Today I ventured out to Hillsboro to get a Washington County Library Card. Technically there’s one more I’m eligible for, but the last one is about an hour east of Portland so we haven’t gotten out there yet. The Hillsboro Library was a great visit though – a good book selection, well-organized, new construction, and overlooking a wildlife habitat that included a lake full of ducks. The only downside was that it was over a mile’s walk from the MAX station – oops.

I’ve been getting some unusual alternate anxiety manifestations, including a level of smell sensitivity that I don’t usually have. I keep asking poor Amber if she smells this or that thing, and of course the answer is no. Hopefully whatever this is sorts itself out in my head soon because it’s getting on my nerves.

I don’t yet have any ideas what to write for “N” in the Pagan Blog Project. I guess I’ll figure it out when I get there.

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  1. How about N is for Nose? I LIVE by smell. I am not a visual person, and while fairly wordy, smell rules my life. What does your nose know? Keep us posted….

  2. Holy Stink, Batman…haha, I’ve actually come across THREE, yes count’em THREE Skunks in the last 2 days – must be summer. Plus I’ve got wine coughing up through my nose clearing out my sinuses and ears. … AND every time I get on the road in my bad-ass mata hari spy car the ambulances come out in full swarm because the forest fires are on full alert. Doesn’t matter what I’m cooking (or burning) in the kitchen…. Good call, Jack Wren. Plus, all the birds are out a-courting and introducing, mourning doves, hummingbirds, hawks, jays, turkey vultures, regular turkeys, red-winged blackbirds, kestrels, all of it. I’m dog- and cat-sitting right now, so of course it’s all DRAMA, right now, and at 4 am getting ready for the OHMYHOLYGODDDESS DAWN CHORUS HERE WE GO LET’S ALL GET SCREETCHING NOOOOWOWOWOOOWOWO!!!!! SHIT WHAT’S THAT STENCH OH YEAH THAT WAS THE SKUNKS BUT NOW IT’S THOSE TWITTLING SCRATCHING TWITCHING SCRAPING CRICKET THINGIES THAT THINK THEY’RE BIRDS – WHOOPS THATS the cat….where’s my pillow?

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