In the Name of the Moon I Will Punish You!

I’ve been chewing on the planetary powers most of the day thanks to some long meetings at work, trying to decide the best way to approach them. Yesterday I offhandedly listed two that seemed natural to me: Norse powers and Sailor Senshi.

The Norse deities make a lot of sense in some respects. I’m at least familiar with all the deities in question, and very comfortable with a few. Odin in particular is one of the reasons I am pursuing more serious magic to begin with. But there is at least one catch – what to do about Saturday? That will require some further research.

Working with the Sailor Senshi may not get me taken seriously as an occultist but it has its own appeal. It is a system I’ve been familiar with for more than half my life, and as I wrote last week, the symbols I grew up with have a lot of power for me. Like the Norse gods, the Senshi are missing a day – there’s no official Sailor Sun – but with some symbolic study I could make it work.

I’ve also considered the possibility of diving in and working with the Roman gods. I’ve had a relationship with Roman and Greek myth since childhood even if I haven’t pursued it much since I was a teenager. I wouldn’t be starting from scratch anyway. Similarly, I have more than enough angelic experience to give working with those associations a try.

However, I’m wary of incorporating too many new relationships into this project. I have enough gods in my life at the moment, to be honest.

So what option am I going with? None of them, yet. Starting Sunday, I’m going to try sitting with each power, either daily or every other day, and see what they want from me. In the meantime, though, thoughts and suggestions are welcome in the comments.

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  1. Whoa, I feel like I’ve missed something here. Sailor Senchi? For all I know, that’s a kid’s tv show that I’ve never even watched. Is it actually based on some real traditions or myths? Or do you mean it simply presents a good system of symbols, which might be useful, though the rest is just fiction? I don’t mean to sound disrespectful or anything, I’m just curios here! =)

    1. Yes, Sailor Senshi (or Soldiers, or Scouts, depending on your translation) are from a cartoon. It does draw on some actual myths and traditional associations, but for the most part is about as fictional as you expect a cartoon to be. I like it as an option because it’s a set of planetary associations I’ve had for a long time and because it’s clear and obvious to me and my subconscious. Does that make sense?

  2. Yeah, that does make sense. If nothing else, then as a basic (or not so basic) system of symbols. If they’re clear and meaningful in your mind then go for it! =)

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