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Hail Mara, who gives the bounty! Hail Laima, who is generous! Hail Ganesha, who is quick-witted! Offerings were made, and overtime hours and another temporary job appeared in return! (Considering no other department in my company has the option of overtime right now, I do consider that a miracle.)

So how has my week been?As you can guess from the above, and from my posting schedule this week, I’ve been kind of busy. Work has been crazy; of course, it seems like it always is, it’s just the individual crazy things that vary.

I haven’t started on my Jupiterian cash box yet, need to clear off my workspace and break out the woodburner. (Need to pick up sandpaper, too. How do I not have sandpaper?) Also need to work on something metal-related just to keep my hand in. I found copper foil tape on clearance at a local craft store so I have pretty much everything I need to make some jewelry and keep my hand in, anyway.

Miller recommends working your way through the planets starting on Monday and invoking every other day, so I’m planning to start that this week. I also found his Protection and Reversal Magick in the public library, so I’m going to work my way through that. (I have a love/hate relationship with psychic hygiene – I used to be the magical equivalent of the OCD stereotype of washing your hands til they bleed – but I think I’m in a place now where I can come back to it in a healthy manner.)

(Also, I’m seriously not meaning to turn this blog into the Jason Miller Fanboy Hour, I promise.)

I’ve been writing, which is sort of amazing all things considered. I got some post-apocalyptic stuff done and I’m working on other things in that universe. The big deal is that I’m going out of my way to find writing time. Usually I just attack ideas when they come and lay fallow when they don’t, but ever since May’s Story a Day project I’ve been pushing a little harder toward a regular writing practice. And, as you may have noticed, I’ve been writing here a lot more. Hopefully practicing more will give me more to write about here, and having the blog stare at me balefully will tell me that I should be practicing more.

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  1. Frankly, I’d be happy for any “Jason Miller Fanboy” recollections you have to share. I’m reading through it and finding it really full of material, and have not yet settled on specific actions. So far I’m thinking about embroidering some of the planetary sigils in metallic threads to wear at certain times and occasions, but I really am glad to hear more about these specific things you’re doing – thanks for this.

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