Planets: Venus

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I come before you on the day of Venus
in the hour of Venus
and ask your guidance and inspiration…

This was the first time I wasn’t eagerly jumping up at the hour of the planet in question. I have a list of excuses I could give you – I’m tired, I hurt, I was crafting. But that doesn’t really matter, does it? So I sucked it up and did it anyway.

I immediately had Freya’s attention tonight, which I was not expecting – I’ve never really had much to do with her aside from the occasional public ritual, so I was surprised.

She was of the impression that she didn’t quite have my attention in return. I can’t really say she was wrong. I went in there still distracted by all the things that I almost let keep me from starting.

I told her I needed her help since I’m not very good with her sphere or her planet. She all but rolled her eyes at me – and okay, I just celebrated my ten year anniversary, maybe I’ve had some blessings in the realm of Venus. I asked her if she would help me get to know the energy of Venus better and she told me to come back when I knew what I wanted.

This is not exactly going the way I expected. I’m kind of wondering if I should give up and come back to it later. I think I’ll keep going, at least for now. I can always do it again later.

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  1. See, when things don’t go the way I expected, I’m pleased, because to me, that is one of the things that I look for in distinguishing UPG from mental sockpuppetry. So it sounds to me like you got Freya, whether you liked her answer or not. But the way you worded this I also can’t tell if you mean you’re pondering UPG or if you’re pondering whether you’re in the right head space for the exercises.

    1. More the latter. I’m really out of practice doing any kind of formal or high magic, and so far 2 out of 3 planets have basically told me they think I’m fucking around. So I’m wondering if I’m going about this in the wrong way or with the wrong mindset, you know?

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