Planets: Sol

Sun-Flower (Photo credit: Lυвαιв)

I come before you on the day of the Sun
in the hour of the Sun
and ask your guidance and inspiration…

The Sun, like the Moon, showed me no specific face.

I have a weird relationship with the sun. You would think, having lived in the desert for years, that I would at least be used to it. But this summer is kicking my ass and reminding me just why I joked about being a vampire in college.

And yet, he reminded me, if I want to be a firebird, I have to burn. I felt my hands burn, which was just as painful as you would imagine. (God knows I do my share of burning my hands when I play with metal, but this put that to shame.)

He said he’s more than willing to work with me, but I have to be less scared of the light. I don’t know how I’ll do that, but at least I know what I’m aiming for.

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  1. I have just been reading this most amazing book:
    It’s full of worldwide myths, linguistic history, etc. of the Sun as Goddess. Some of the largest collections of these stories are Latvian and Lithuanian. I suspect that our perception of the gender of the Sun may depend on what kind of glory we think is worthy of reflection (mirrors are a big topic in this book). It’s out of print, if you can’t find it in a library, Amazon has some cheap used ones (mine wasn’t too grungy).

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