Planets: Jupiter

Jupiter as seen by the space probe "Cassi...
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I come before you on the day of Jupiter
in the hour of Jupiter
and ask your guidance and inspiration…

I wasn’t sure what to expect tonight. I mean, Tuesday was crap. I’ve been getting Norse gods the whole time and Jupiterian energy was the whole inspiration for the project, and yet I was wondering how the hell Thor fit in – I mean, I didn’t think of the places where his portfolio overlapped Jupiter’s as being particularly relevant to this project. I thought maybe I’d get someone else or something more abstract.

Nope. I got Thor.

My relationship with Thor is a little weird. I mean, I call Odin “Dad,” it’s not as if I can ignore his loudest son. But I don’t see him often.

“So explain it to me,” I told Thor.

The answer had to do with taking care of people, and their livelihoods – farmers prayed for their crops, sailors prayed for their safety, and so on. That’s where he intersects with that energy. And then there’s the protection, providing energy, which providing a livelihood certainly helps with. And there’s inspiration, always where lightning is.

I have some other thoughts, though, that I’m trying to put together as I finish this up. If I get my ideas together I might be able to speak to it on Saturday when I finish.

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