Planets: Saturn

True-color picture of Saturn assembled from Vo...

I come before you on the day of Saturn
in the hour of Saturn
and ask your guidance and inspiration…

So Saturn was the big question mark when I realized I was mostly stuck on a Norse wavelength for this project. Who would turn up on Saturday?

Well, the Breaker of Worlds, of course. I’d be lying if I said I was entirely surprised.

We talked about things ending – everything from worlds to friendships to projects. Necessary, healthy endings aren’t exactly his specialty, but just like any other planetary energy, ending can be harnessed into spellwork.

I tend to suck at follow-through. For every novel I’ve finished, there’s two or three I left halfway through. I have a warped loom, and I have a couple of rug kits I’ve left off, and I’ve got my soldering gear out waiting for… I don’t even know what. At the moment my excuse is the heat, but that’s not been my only excuse.

I pointed out that I’d finished this exercise. He didn’t have to remind me how half-assed the exercise had been.

But I did finish. And despite the fact that I got a god’s attention on each day, what I took away from it is mostly that I don’t need a god or an angel to reach out to the planetary powers. The energy is there of its own accord, and I can tug the strings myself.

I mean, sure, it’s easier if you ask someone else to help, but it’s not necessary.

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