Gauge Check: Autumn is Coming

(Ferris Wheel, by me)

This week was the first time I’ve started feeling autumn coming in on the wind. The heat broke after last weekend, when it was hot enough to remind me of living in the southwest.

Work has been a roller coaster in its own right – a major reorganization was announced this week. Lots of things are still unknown, even though we should be implementing the changes by now. It’s awkward all around.

Last week I went to the doctor. This week, I did paperwork and scheduling to see more of the doctor. It’s not fun, but it really is necessary.

And then there was tonight. When we got off work, Amber and I went up to the county fair. There I could really feel October coming on. We spent the daylight hours remaining going through the livestock, talking about goats and chickens and what our long-term farming goals might be.

Once the sun went down, we walked the midway, taking in the lights and the colors. I felt Odin there, as I always do when I’m on a midway. It felt reassuring. I’m ready for it.

Not a lot of concrete things to show for the week so far, but a lot of details being laid for the next few weeks. The weekend I’m going to focus on writing and on dealing with this persistent decluttering script. Oh, and the Portland Zine Symposium. Gotta keep busy, you know? How about you guys?

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