Gauge Check: Not Quite Here

I know I’ve been quiet here. In large part that’s because I’m focusing on other things – on my fiction-writing, on work with Yggdrasil, and just to round things out I’m on a Taoism kick this week.

There was a couple of years when I described myself as Buddhist and/or Taoist, and while aside from Kuan Yin’s altar I haven’t had much to do with it for a while, I do still owe a lot to what I learned in that practice, especially meditation and Taoist cosmology.

It’s a funny story, actually, the work with Yggdrasil dovetailed into Qabalah, then high magic, and then western alchemy and inevitably into eastern alchemy, which I always found more interesting to research.

Taoist alchemy is also on-topic for the fiction universe I’m playing in at the moment, so it’s useful in more than one area.

Aside from that, I did a little bit of jewelry work and my actual job and that’s about it. How about y’all? Anybody miss me?

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  1. I’ve always really wanted to study eastern alchemies. I picked up western practice as a teen, but dropped it for personal and cultural reasons. Now it’s coming back in the longer I’m doing boochem, but I’m not always satisfied with it–time to study, right?

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