Changing Things Up

So there’s a bit going on around here.

First, I’ve decided that keeping a separate blog for my writing is kind of silly. I don’t update daily or anything as it is, and it seems like when I’m busy there, this site sits, and the same in reverse. Not to mention that creation is a spiritual act for me, so there’s every reason for writing about writing to be on this blog.

It’s also something of a minimalist move – I’ll have only one site to worry about, and I’m leaving it on Even if it’s a little more expensive, it’ll be easier to maintain. The takeaway is that I’ll be redirecting my domain here in a few days. The old jackwren URL should continue to work.

I haven’t decided yet if I want to change the name of the blog from Storming the Castle to Jack-a-Dreams. Storming the Castle was always meant to be temporary, as I dragged myself out of the depressive cycle I was in at the time, and I do think I’ve made enough progress there to warrant the name change.

The other change is strictly offline – Amber and I are hoping to move before it gets cold again, though the exact timing will depend on a couple of factors. Just thinking about it, though, makes me look around the apartment with an eye for what I can get rid of.

In practice, I don’t think either of these will make much of a difference to you as readers. The posts will get to you in the same way they always have. I may write a bit more about writing, or about decluttering, but then again I might not.

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