Gauge Check: No Labor Today

Copper bowls at Art in the Pearl.

I let the gauge check slide this weekend because, well, the weekend was longer. So now it’s Monday night and I’m trying to remember everything I did last week.

Mara continues to be good to us, and my to-do list still includes some of the projects from Jason Miller’s Financial Sorcery. I’m also interested in Frater U.:D.:’s Money Magic – anybody reading this have a rec one way or the other on it?

We spent Saturday wandering happily around downtown Portland, watching craft demos at Art in the Pearl. Sunday we did a bit of thrift shopping. Mostly, though, I just enjoyed having some time to decompress away from work.

I spent a lot of the weekend messing around with this blog, actually, and trying to get things re-organized. It’s not a perfect system yet, but I think I’m getting there. Give me a couple more days and I think I’ll be happy with it.

We spent today starting the apartment-hunting process, driving around to look at a few places and see what their neighborhoods look like. Mostly I’m reminded of how much I hate moving, but the current apartment just doesn’t suit where we’re going.

Where we’re going is toward adoption, and that requires an apartment with two bedrooms (instead of our current no bedrooms). I mentioned back in July that we couldn’t afford that, but based on some budget-jiggering and some careful hunting, I think we’ll be able to make it work. The important thing is that we’re making a priority of the things that we want and that matter to us.

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  1. Frater U.:D.:’s Money Magic is decent if you need help mentally linking money to a more Mercury based current and wrapping your head around the theory of money based magic in general. It has some good stuff in it but I use it more as a reference/foundational book than an actual practice book. If you are looking for a more practice/strategic book, pick up Jason Miller’s Financial Sorcery. Miller’s book is my go to for financial stuff and I’ve gotten some great results from it.

    1. I picked up Financial Sorcery not long after it came out and I’ve gotten a lot out of it. (At one point I was talking about it enough that I was worried people would think this was a Jason Miller Fan Blog. XD)

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