Honoring the Ancestors: Just Foam and a Wire

a young Jim Henson

Most modern Heathens, when discussing the honor we pay to our ancestors, will acknowledge that “ancestors” are not just your blood relatives of previous generations, though those are included too. (My ancestors may not have been Heathen, but the ones I honor were Catholic, and the Catholics say praying to your ancestors for help is A-OK too so I think I’m covered.) Ancestors are the people who came before you that inspired you or made your life possible.

Today is the birthday of one of the biggest influences on my creative life. A man who helped teach me to read and to count, and gave me so much of my sense of humor. A man who gave me one of the images Loki still uses to reach me, and who taught me that a pre-teen could stand up to him with sheer force of will. (And that’s not even starting on the Dark Crystal or Fraggle Rock…)

Hail, Jim Henson, and thank you.

And heck, if you want this to be more relevant to the religious theme, take a look at The Muppets In Thor.

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