The Wheel

English: "The Tenth Key of Tarot" is...
by Eliphas Levi

I cast the cards, I draw
the Wheel of Fortune. You stand
behind it, holding it,
watching it turn, turning it.
You hold the seasons
and drown to bring the spring in.
You turn the seasons
and bury your brother with the harvest.
All of these things live
within the spokes of the wheel,
in our lives and in yours.
Sometimes the candle burns black,
sometimes bright and healthy.
I see you at the farmer’s market
and at my yearly check-up,
in the class schedule
and the festival season.
I know the wheel cannot always turn
in my favor, but I ask you:
turn back the worst,
cushion my fall,
let the bad times pass quickly,
let the good times linger.
May I never forget my luck
or my blessings, may I appreciate
the water that flows over the wheel
and your hands at my back.

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