Once a Catholic…

One of the things I like about attending the UU church is how much music there is. Singing was always one of my favorite parts of Catholic mass – I was even in the choir for a few years.

After last week, I was prepared to be disappointed by the music this week, but they were minor. In fact, we even did the first verse and chorus of Come All Ye Faithful in the Latin. I was not expecting that. I was also not expecting my reaction, which was to pretty much cry like a baby in the middle of church.

Latin mass is one of the many tiny things I can point to, influences that added up to the choices I made getting into magic. Latin mass was one of my first exposures to pure, dramatic ritual – the post-Vatican II style mass never struck me the way the proper mass does. After that, it was a very short road and all downhill to doing rituals for myself, especially once I got past the heartbreak of knowing I could never be a priest.

Some things never really change, do they?

But other things do. Laws, for example. The kinds of laws that allowed me to go out on Saturday with Amber and get a marriage license.

And so, all things considered, I’m feeling pretty good right now.

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