New Year's Reading

So I broke out my in-progress personal divination deck to try doing a new year’s reading for Second New Year.

For what I need to focus on, I pulled Order. Admittedly, Order is probably the aspect I’m least comfortable with (team chaotic neutral forever!) so this was a challenging idea for me. It makes some sense, though – there are a lot of areas where I could benefit from a little more organization and self-discipline.

For what I can let go of, I pulled the destructive force of Fire. Destructive fire is the fire that scars, that burns bridges, that leaves searing pain and charred devastation. This is a complicated pull for me because it is one of the symbols I associate with my ex. If it’s referring to her, I’ll be glad if I can let that go. I want a future with no more troublesome ghosts.

For what will influence me, I pulled the Lion. The Lion is a force of silent strength. He’s like a partner in one of those teambuilding exercises, the one who will catch you. At the same time, he is not a tame Lion, and expects you use his support to climb back up. I can go into the solar year knowing that someone has my back, even if I never fall back enough to feel his fur and muscles holding me up.

This was my first time reading with this deck, and my first serious attempt at doing a New Year’s reading in several years. I’m still getting used to the symbols in this deck and learning to trust my meanings for them. Hopefully when I come around again next year I’ll have a more solid grounding if I want to try this again.

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