A is for Aslan and Ascension

Aslan (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Aslan is not, strictly speaking, my god. I do have a relationship with him, but I have it primarily because he’s important to my wife. I’m something of a Gnostic Narnian – I believe Narnia itself was an imperfect world created by a very human author.

Funny story, I actually considered myself a Gnostic Catholic the last time I tried working with Jesus. As you might imagine, it didn’t work out. I have a hard time working with the Power of Light. The Light is an energy of cleansing, of exaltation, of ascension. Of perfection. I struggle with perfection, even as I acknowledge the existence of pure Words and Powers. Every face of the Enlightened One is like a mask to me, a proud smile that seems to belie disappointment with my imperfections.

I even have a hard time with unconditional love. For complicated, broken-brainy reasons, I really don’t believe that I’m worth being loved that way. It’s easier for me to work with those who require an active relationship of give and take, like Mara or Odin. (My wife is doing her best to change my mind, but it’s slow going.)

The path of Light, ascension, and is one of the more popular paths to perfection. I don’t know that it’s fair to say that it’s easier, since I don’t see a lot of people making it to the top, but it is probably the easiest to find. It’s well lit, after all.

It helps that Light is a power that’s well-known and valued in our society. Even those who don’t explicitly follow a host of the Enlightened One tend to be quick to assure others that their path is full of “love and light” and certainly not any of that icky darkness or chaos.

The thing about Light, though, it that it blinds. Too much light is just as bad for you as too little – there’s skin cancer to worry about, and retinal damage, and so on. For every Mother Theresa, there’s a Fred Phelps (and Mother Theresa wasn’t perfect either.) Darkness makes you confront the worst parts of yourself. Light can cleanse you of them, but it can also blind you to them. Like everything else, it has two sides.

I particularly like Aslan as a host of the Enlightened One because, as he will remind you, he is not a tame Lion. The path of Light is presented as the easy and accessible one, but it’s not easy to walk, just easy to find.

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  1. Aslan has been coming up a lot for me lately. I had never really considered him as a God, but I have seen at least a couple posts of people who work with him. It has caused me to remember my fierce love for him throughout my childhood. The lion continues to play a huge role in my life, as one of my main totems is a white lion.

    Lovely post.

  2. Thoreau said: “The light that blinds us is darkness.” Coincidentally had to cover that bit today at work. I think it is an easier concept to assimilate in a dispassionate context outside of religion and other intense involvements. When emotions of more depth enter into it the concept can become a great challenge. This Alsan I think is chosen very well as a reminder. I love that last sentence.

  3. Thanks for this–I have a similar discomfort with our cultural fascination with love and light. It feels out of balance to me–and I always learn more in the dark.

  4. “The path of Light is presented as the easy and accessible one, but it’s not easy to walk, just easy to find.”

    Yep! Even without the people who falsely use Light as a way to “hide” their own insecurities or paranoia by attempting to blind others, it’s just a difficult and lonely. Not that I’m that apt at it, but to reach a point in so-called ascension where you do boil over, where you do radiate… you learn the center of the sun is cold. Singularities are lonely things. When you’re in darkness, at least things can touch you, can come close. In light, that feeling of “oneness” doesn’t always seem so full as you’d think. If you come unfocused from whatever purpose led you to pursue your current state, you find that sometimes the boundless oneness of levity doesn’t translate to a very satisfying fullness of connections on this plane.

    Bright lights cast great shadows. We have to remember to keep a balance, to not seek to be in any one state too long. It’s supposed to be a cycle of movement, a slow generation of lessons and healing of wounds. And so it takes both dark nights of the soul and triumphant dawns to reach whatever-the-hell they’re calling growing-up these days.

    1. I’ve had a special relationship with Aslan since I wad a child. I desperately wanted to be Lucy Pevensie and have that deep loving connection with Him. Noe for over 15 years, He’s come to me in meditations as a…well, a mask, yes…of the Sun God.

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