E is for Every Night

I lit a candle for Mara tonight, and placed it on her altar. Nothing fancy, just a single tealight, the one you can buy in packages of a hundred.

Sometimes I do more. Sometimes I light candles in all the candle-holders, half a dozen or more. Sometimes incense. Sometimes I offer fresh water or perfumed oil, or old coins, or remembrances of gifts granted.

Sometimes I sit with her, and talk of my dreams. Sometimes I beg favors, and sometimes I thank her. Sometimes I make promises, and sometimes I fulfill them.

(I’m waiting for things to come through on a big one right now. When it works out, you’ll know.)

Sometimes I just sit with her.

Sometimes I’m too tired, or too anxious, to do more than light it and go to bed.

But every night I light the candle.

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