Blue Canary in the Outlet by the Lightswitch

Blue Canary in the Outlet by the Lightswitch
Blue Canary in the Outlet by the Lightswitch (Photo credit: Lucas County Choppers)

blue canary in the outlet by the lightswitch
who watches over you
make a little birdhouse in your soul

I know you’re supposed to sing with your diaphragm – my theater teacher drilled that into me for half a decade – but I always sing with my heart. (Also my lungs; I don’t think she would have complained as much if I’d sung with my heart and my diaphragm.) Canary is another sun bird, the songbird, the true finch among my spirit animals. (Canary is just a specific variety of finch, you know.)

I’ve loved singing since I was young, participating in musical theater and church choir as well as driving my parents nuts from the time I got my first record player. (My first albums were Strawberry Shortcake in Big Apple City, Debbie Gibson’s Electric Youth, and Weird Al’s Even Worse. I think that says more about me than I would like.)

I stopped singing when I was with my ex – singing was Her Thing, and I was not good enough to sing with her. She preferred not to have the sound of my voice distracting her. It’s one of the things that I’ve most enjoyed reclaiming since we broke up… and I suppose saying that I’m reclaiming my voice works on a metaphorical as well as a literal level, there.

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  1. If it’s not from your heart, I’m not sure there’s a purpose to singing. I mean, really. <3

    (Glad you're getting your voice back–it feels so wonderful.)

  2. I was a voice major in college, and I sing in a church choir, and what I want to say to you is PLEASE SING AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE!!!
    St. Augustine’s most (possibly only) worthy quote: “Who sings once, prays twice”. Singing is good for you, no matter what you sound like. Everyone should sing.
    Also, you don’t sing with your diaphragm. You just need a relaxed but firm and supportive diaphragm to let your lungs expand as much as possible, and then support the air flow through your vocal folds, which do best when they are relaxed but hydrated. The important thing is to keep your throat and neck muscles relaxed, so that your voice is free – not tense but not lax. This is tricky because every single dingle muscle in your entire body affects at least one of the zillions of muscles in your neck and throat. This means that your body must be awake but not tense and not lazy. Singing is at once meditation, prayer, and athletic event. It is also sex – the vocal mechanism is a secondary sex organ, maturing not just at puberty but throughout the lifespan, and utterly affected by sex hormones. My best singing happens at the beginning of my menstrual cycle but wears out twice as fast as at other times. All that said, singing is a great way to develop psychic ability in group situations (in a choir). Plus, it’s good for you.

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