Gauge Check: H is for Hearth and Home(work)

This week was not as bad for me as it was for a lot of people, but it was still the last week of my class term, crunch time at work, and included the loss of a pet. I did my best to practice not obsessing over news I couldn’t change. I didn’t entirely succeed.

One thing that I did a pretty good job of is actually one of the things on my House Work list: cleaning. Usually during crunch times, I let things go. I’ve been trying really hard, though, not to let little things add up on me.

In an effort to actually Not Fail At Housework, I’m attempting to use my to-do list to train myself. Dishes, sweeping, nothing is too small to help me avoid the invisible mug effect. And it’s helping, even when I’d normally let things slide.

Since moving, I really feel like I live in a home instead of just an apartment. Mara has a full, proper altar I get to sit with and maintain. The kitchen is welcoming. The bedroom is for sleeping, and all the craft gear, books, and gaming supplies are elsewhere. I’ve even got the very basics of a garden outside. 

I never understood hearth before, not really. I think I’m only starting to get the hang of it now. 

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  1. The sense of home is definitely what I’m missing in my current place. All I feel is antagonized. It’s to the point where I hope that my move only takes one day. I can spend the other just getting rid of and selling things that I, quite frankly, don’t want to deal with anymore. It was a great transition. Sort of a dark place to deal with things and recharge. But I’m done with it now.

    I’m glad to see you settling. I can’t wait to see the place

      1. Oh my gods I vibrate with wanting to move. I’m very close to just selling almost everything I own, but I shouldn’t start packing till May. I can’t start packing till May.

        (I want to pack now)

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