Little Things

vintage shelf
I know, it’s hipster as fuck. I can’t help it.

We don’t have all of the art up on the walls, but we hung a lot of it today. It started with a wooden shelf in the kitchen. It came home from Goodwill because we’ve been needing something for the action figure collection. I think it was originally designed to hold teacups and saucers – there’s a slot in the back of each shelf which I think was to hold the saucer in place. As you can see, I threw some action figures up to see how they looked. It’s not perfect, but I think it’s a start.

And next to it, you can see the first piece of artwork that went up. Yes, it’s a bunny with a dress and a pearl necklace. No, I’m not even going to pretend I didn’t buy that at a artsy little boutique in Portland, because I totally did. I bought it for Amber, to go with her picture of a bunny in a fez. I like to imagine they’re a couple.

Twee as fuck, I know. So we got a bunch of the art up on the walls (though nowhere near all; maybe half?) and we’re getting ready to paint the bedroom now that we’ve decided on a color. Before we come in with the final paints, I’m experimenting with painting wards directly on the wall that the new paint will cover. I can’t remember if I’ve read of people doing this; it seems like an obvious idea, but I have no idea where the inspiration came from.

It’s hard to decide how much is “enough,” furniture-wise. I don’t want to fill up space just because we have more space to fill, but it’s easy to fall into that trap. One way we’re hoping to limit that is by having very specific aesthetics for furniture in each room. Pickiness cuts down on the desire to bring home everything.

And since the overwhelming response to my post yesterday was that you guys like my nervous breakdowns, I’ll share with you that emotionally, I had a very bad weekend. First Loki was trying to get my attention, then Odin was in one of my dreams this morning. I also dreamed about my ex last night, which was painful. I think I hurt a friend’s feelings via a misclick on AIM. I broke down crying trying to write a letter to my mom for her birthday.

That’s not to say there weren’t some nice things. Amber and I attended a tai chi class on Saturday, and that was fun. It was my first one in probably five years. Afterwards we went down to the Lan Su garden and enjoyed the weather. So there’s that.

If I’m going to let the little things hurt, I have to let the little things help, too.

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