J is for Judging Your Limits

I seem to have hit my level of activity saturation. Work, school, gym, fiction and blog… is the point where something gives. Either I’m not getting my homework done because I’m working on a blog post, or I’m not getting my fiction written because I’m doing homework or… well, you get the idea.

I’ve always said I’m more productive when I have a full plate, and that’s still true. But there’s a point where a full plate becomes an overfull plate, and I think “attempting to blog every day” is the last straw for me. My plate runeth over.

So, hey! That was an interesting experiment, and I won’t be worrying about it again any time soon.

0 thoughts on “J is for Judging Your Limits

  1. I tried to commit to a daily blog post. When I missed days I felt guilty or like a failure. Which led to avoiding my blog altogether. So now I blog when I can, write when I can, and try to focus more on the positive feeling of accomplishment.

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