The Mundane and the Menial

Mara wants me to keep the house.

I’ve come to appreciate a lot of it. Having a dishwasher helps, but there are still things I wash and dry by hand. I like the accomplishment of finishing a load of laundry or clean counter-tops or a swept floor. I work on my projects.

It’s not that she doesn’t want me to accomplish great things or praise her name. She likes it when I praise her. She likes it when I write about her, or tend her altar. But she also likes it when I clean the counters and sweep the floor.

You would think, with all the pagan hearth goddesses and kitchen witches, you’d hear about this more. Maybe I’m just not reading the right blogs; I could have sworn I used to be able to read about this in a pagan context more often. But I have fifteen blog posts about cute pantry organization saved in Pocket right now, and about half of those blogs refer to doing things for a higher power. Most of them are Mormon; all of them are Christian.
So… Anybody have any recs for the pagan Martha Stewart? The polytheistic Flylady? Or maybe just a good way to organize my pantry that doesn’t involve Church-mandated preparedness?

0 thoughts on “The Mundane and the Menial

  1. I haven’t seen much on this subject either.

    I recently had the realization that one of the best ways to honor the household Gods is to keep said house in good shape. (It’s so obvious now I feel a little slow.)

    I actually enjoy most housework. It’s very grounding for me. Plus: sense of accomplishment + nice place to live = win/win

  2. I have read a few things about scared house keeping(for lack of a better term) mostly it’s things like special floor or wall washes. Though it’s generally doing things from a protection side rather than devotional. I’d like to read more about what you’re referring to. For me keeping my kitchen(and house, but mostly kitchen) clean and tidy is something I do for the domovoi(house spirit).

  3. I think it was Sondra Ray who wrote about a housemate of hers who was fanatical about keeping the house even cleaner than she did, which made her feel nervous and competitive. When she finally asked him about it, he said he was making the space ready for God to work.

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