Crisis Counselling of Faith

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Man, it would be nice if there was a hotline number for people having a crisis of faith, where I could just call and talk it out with some nice person who didn’t trigger my ridiculous fear of dominating the conversation. Normally my wife would volunteer, but she’s a little busy tonight so I’m all alone.

Well, all alone with my tarot deck, does that count?

I reached for my in-progress cartomancy deck, and then I realized that (a) that deck goes with this path, and so the names and symbols are all going to be for this path; in other words, it’s biased, and (b) also I just admitted I already have a deck that uses a totally different set of names good lord how unobservant can I be?

So I hadn’t even got out my tarot deck and I was already pretty sure I needed to stop worrying about this. To top that, the only deck I can find is not my regular Archaeon Tarot, which I’ve been using for the last, oh, seven years or so. No, the deck I find is my Rohrig Tarot.

What you have to understand here is that I’ve had this deck since I was eighteen. It is, well, bitchy. Sarcastic. I love it to pieces – there was no question I was going to keep it even when I sold most of my decks before we moved – but sweetness and light it ain’t. It’s best for when you’re pretty sure there’s an answer you’re not wanting to admit to yourself.

What do I need to know? Five of wands reversed. This card is labelled “strive” and, especially reversed, I take it to mean that I’m trying too hard.

(Am I overthinking this? Yes.)

Where should I start? 3 of discs reversed. This card is “work” with the implication of a ridiculous burden. Yes, I am definitely overthinking this and making it harder than it needs to be

Where am I right now? Two of swords, again reversed. I am torn between two choices. Peace had turned into stagnation; it’s time to shake things up.

Where am I going? Prince of cups, and reversal. (They’re not all facing the same direction, I promise you.) Well, where ever I’m going, I’m doing it blindly and without forethought, apparently. I associate Cups with intuition.)

Where will intuition take me?  10 of swords reversed. Ruin.

Should I do it anyway? The Tower. Reversed.

Should I not do it? The Devil. Reversed.

At this point I checked a second time to make sure the cards were not all facing the same direction.

What’s my outcome? The Hermit. Not reversed, shockingly. This is a card I used to get all the time when I was younger. Not as often as the Hanged Man, mind, but pretty common all the same. That’s about as good a sign as I’m going to get from this deck. Shit’s gonna fall apart, and it’ll turn out the way it has to turn out.

(Am I asking you too many questions? Yes. Failure. Thanks.)

Anything I’m missing, interpretation-wise, that jumps out at you guys? Let me know.

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  1. Let’s see, don’t think too much. Just freaking do it. Give in to temptation. You’ll make a mess, but it’s not as bad as it looks, and stuff needs to be torn down anyway.

    Also, don’t talk to the bitchy deck when you’re alone and having a crisis.

  2. I dig shezep’s reply (and it sounds like good advice for someone like me too *dies*). Best to do something and make a mess than not do anything at all.

    Personal thingy note here: I tend to avoid tough decks when I’m not feeling too great. I have one left, it’s so pretty that I can’t let it go (The Gothic Tarot by Joseph Vargo), but the book that comes with it is very no nonsense, at least to me it comes off like that, so bad feelings + deck = no. *dies* But I did take it out semi-recently when I seriously wanted an answer and I just felt like facing the music versus having no answer.

    …ahh heck, I dunno. Just do it. *Nike commercial, dies*

    Also I try not to pull a lot of cards because the message keeps getting more tangled, but that’s just my experience too. ^^;;; I hope you make it through the crisis! *thumbs up*

  3. I was trying really hard not to laugh but gave up. It was bitter laughter, I assure you.

    You know yourself, and the deck knows you, and we know how things usually go. The shoes drop and shit flies and then somehow it all comes out okay. 😉

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