T is for Tech Support of the Sacred

In the ongoing search for a word that encompasses certain skillsets that are usually described as “shamanism” without the baggage and cultural appropriation of that word, I came across the term “Technician of the Sacred.” I really liked that terminology, though the Virtual Adept in me took it a step forward.

My work is a bit more like Tech Support of the Sacred. I’m not a big-picture idea person, really – I don’t run huge rituals and I don’t like being the center of attention. I’d much rather be the guy setting things up ahead of time, laying down the wards, running the lights from the other side of the auditorium.

I do a little more of the behind the scenes work – connecting ideas that haven’t quite come together, poking things into place, plugging in wires and dropping links. Frankly, I’m glad my job isn’t any more exciting than it is.

0 thoughts on “T is for Tech Support of the Sacred

  1. I do a little more of the behind the scenes work

    It may not be an obvious job, but it’s very important.
    Reminds me a bit of the stage hands in a theatrical production; all the guys dressed in black running around making sure Things Happen for the actors.
    You never see them, but without them, everything falls apart.

    Also nice shadow-ninja tie-in there. ;}

  2. So is it true if your universe stops working, you’re supposed to turn it off and back on again?

    I think that is a really awesome label for that kind of work.

  3. I was always a fan of that word since I came across it (although I was more partial to “liminalist”). It’s nice to see someone else have that sort of attraction to the word, and making other words to describe it that I’ve never been able to do (beyond, well, “Yes. That’s thing. I like that thing to do.”).

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