Taking the Planner Plunge

I got into the paper planner about two months ago, and I wanted to give myself a good solid attempt at using an inexpensive one before I committed to a nicer one. I also attempted to use a small Android tablet with my beloved Evernote in lieu of any kind of paper system. The tablet just made it clear how much some things worked better written down, plus I really wanted a tablet case that let me carry a few credit cards and things in lieu of a wallet.

I found a solution, however, at the local Office Depot. It’s going out of business (kind of an inevitability once the shiny new Office Max opened a hundred yards away) and all their planners were 60% off. I took the plunge and committed to a Franklin Covey A5 binder!

It’s got the monthly and week-on-two-pages that I loved about paper – though the week’s a different format I’m looking forward to using – and a pocket in the front that’s actually large enough for the tablet. Best of both worlds, along with the card slots I wanted too. It fits in my favorite bag as well.

I’ve already started carrying her everywhere and I’m looking forward to starting in on the new weekly pages on Monday. Once I settle into a system, maybe I’ll do one of those picture posts…

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  1. You won’t regret it! And it’s so pretty. If I could find something that fit my phone, had a little notebook, and fit in my bag AND was a planner? It’d be everything.

    I also still use those little colored tabby jobs to separate sections. 🙂

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