W is for Reconsidering the Winds

prayer flags, shells, and other things that sound lovely when they blow in the breeze
Shrine to the Winds

Air is the element I’ve associated with Odin in the past.

I haven’t posted Manifesting Air yet. Hers is a story I know fairly well but haven’t spent time with in years. I’m not sure why we get away from each other.

Air was the first element that I felt as an element, as energy, however you want to describe it. When I was doing the baby pagan thing, it was the first one I connected to. My tarot significator was the page of air for as long as I used tarot significators.

Somewhere along the line, though, I lost track of the Winds. I love a windy day, I can still feel the energy around me when a storm’s blowing through, but it’s not an element I feel like I connect to the way I do Fire and Metal. Maybe that’s something else I should be working on.

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  1. I think Air kind of always has a strange association with Fire people, not to mention Metal. The Winds are necessary to feed Fire, and to stir it and carry it across great swaths of land that need clearing. It can be constructive in union with Fire, particularly when smelting or metal-working, even just in heating the home when the bellows are needed to coax coals. It can be destructive when it helps Fire unleash its potential by destroying forests and homes, encouraging it to climb higher and spread wider.

    It’s not surprising you felt Air’s touch so early–Air is one of the reasons I still have one of my oldest friendships, because she is such a breath of Winds, and she has as many times that she can inspire me to some wondrous madness as she might whip me around and make me cranky with her bluster. I feel lighter and fuller around her somehow, even though her element isn’t my strongest one. (Though I guess it’s one of them, considering the thunderbird.)

  2. Sometimes I find that it’s easiest to connect with wind during autumn for some reason, especially if you sit out in it, close your eyes and listen. There’s something about the sound of a strong wind going through the leaves that have not fallen yet.

    (Funnily enough, one of my earliest memories involving the elements was with the wind. I even had a specific place where I would stand listen to and feel it.)

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