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So I have these divination cards.

I made the first batch about a year ago, and I’ve revised them since. I think they’re approaching usable for people who are not me.

To test that, I need people who are not me.

If you’re interested in a reading, you can drop me a line with contact info and some idea of what you’d like your reading to be about. I’m happy to do this for free in exchange for two things: your feedback on the reading itself, and possible permission for me to write about it on my blog. (No identifying details, obviously, and this is fairly negotiable.)

So if you’re interested, hit me up!

0 thoughts on “Read Me a Story

  1. I’m interested in finding out more about what makes me me. I often wonder how and why I am the person I am. I do feel there are forces that guide me from time to time but I could not explain what they are. I feel sometimes I just know when something is right, a path I need to follow or a person I whom has come into my life for a reason.
    I was raised Catholic but have no ties to Catholicism in my adult life. I feel very happy to be free from it. I feel very strongly tied to nature and feel the most spiritual when I am surrounded my nature.
    I hope that’s not to vague.

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