A Letter

Dearest Antonio,

I have been fortunate to add to my sources a young woman who was raised in what I may only describe as a genuine pastoral postcard, a sort of Arcadia that did not believe could have survived the war’s advances. This woman, who is called Ausrine, knows a number of songs that I had only in fragment, or in different forms, and she was even able to describe to me a still-extant temple of Mara and the statues of other gods!

She tells me that Mara sent her out into the world and I flatter myself to believe that perhaps she was sent to me. While I still feel that I know so little, any encouragement at all that my work makes the goddess proud helps. If Mara and the other old ones truly do see our work, perhaps this means they will likewise return to save our homeland from petty emperors and delusions of godhood.

Yours in faith,
Darja Ezergailis

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