Always Starting

31 Days of Planner PeaceHaving succeeded at writing about Mara every day for a month, I was less intimidated when another blogging challenge wandered across my awareness. The simple challenge to pick a topic and write about it for 31 days sounds pretty straightforward, after all.

When I began writing for Mara, one of the reasons I was doing it was because I felt like I had lost my center. I spent several months working with a physical therapist this year on my vertigo, and while the physical problems improved, in other areas my life seemed to be spinning wildly on. After spending months and months focused on my health, letting my schedule be shaped by a half-dozen or more specialists’ hours, I was at a loss.

I was considering going back to work, but had no idea what I wanted to do. I continued picking up small freelance writing jobs, but they never paid much. I had a lot of things I wanted to do, and lots of summer social options on the calendar, and I felt like everything was getting away from me.

Lots of planner fans talk about the idea of Planner Peace. I’ll be chewing over the idea a lot this month, but basically it means the idea that if you can just find the right planner, the right system, everything will work smoothly and perfectly. For me, planner peace is a little different, and goes back to the idea of ubiquitous capture.

One of the reasons that there’s no such thing as a perfect planner is because needs change and life changes, and what makes sense during one phase of life may not be practical for another. Right now, I need a paper planner in my life, so I have added a paper planner to my life. This month I want to explore this idea of “planner peace” and what I actually gain from having paper planner, as well as ways I can use it to make my life more organized, healthier, and more magical.

  1. Always Starting
  2. Planner Revamp

4 thoughts on “Always Starting

  1. I’m definitely interested in this kind of exploration. It’s coming into the new year and I’d like to start making major strides and focuses on at least something. Be it personal projects, side work, or even just getting something on a regular schedule.

    Good luck! I can’t wait to see where this takes you

  2. Why is it that when things are out of control, a planner can make us feel…more controlled? It is silly if I think about it too much, but it is comforting to have my thoughts and priorities organized on paper. I have several planners –a digital family planner, a google calendar that holds all my recipes, a paper notebook for homeschool lesson plans, and a weekly paper planner for writing commitments. Whew! I need a planner to organize my planners!

    Looking forward to your series!

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