Emptying My Pockets

I don’t have a lot of new years rituals, and out of the three new years I celebrate, this is probably the one with the least spiritual significance for me. My anniversary is in here, and a lot of fraught family feelings (especially this year) so it’s not a good time for resolutions and big new projects.

But this year my notebook is almost full, so I’m switching to a new one on the first. For the first time in a long time, I love my system and my type of notebook enough that I just bought another of the same kind of notebook, and I’m moving only because I’m nearly out of pages. It makes me really happy to have something that’s working.

Since I’m going to be starting the year with a fresh notebook, I was thinking about clearing other things that have been overwhelming me, too.

I love Pocket. I love Evernote. I love having a place to put things I want to read so I don’t have to read them right now, and I love having a place to put things I want to reference later so I no longer have to maintain an extensively tagged del.icio.us account or dozens of folders for my fiction. But it’s also easy to let things get away from me. On Sunday I noted I had seventy five or so things sitting in Pocket, waiting for me to read them, and at least that many things in my intake folder on Evernote, waiting for me to read them and sort them.

Well, I’m reading them.

I’ve whittled Pocket down to about fifteen things so far, finishing fanfics, taking notes on articles, and shifting things I want to keep for reference into Evernote. The Evernote sorting goes a little more quickly, as there are fewer decisions to make and less reading required, just sorting.

None of this is going to change my life, probably. But the timing is a good reminder to make it a priority. Putting a few things in order as I come out of a very busy season cuts down on my overall level of overwhelm, and right now anything that does that is a good thing.

8 thoughts on “Emptying My Pockets

  1. I’m glad your notebook is working for you! I’m going to attempt some brief daily journaling in the new year, and I’m finding myself oddly anxious about it. I’m not sure if it’s new-project-anxiety or something else.

    I think consistently reducing one’s level of overwhelm can definitely be life changing- it might just take a little while to see.

    1. Thanks! I know there are some people who do as little as a sentence a day for daily journaling. I found the fear of “missing” a day weirdly strong when I was trying to get every day in there so I no longer worry about trying to be daily.

      1. That’s one of the things that’s making me twitchy. I’ve also been going back and forth between regular daily journaling or making my own 5-year journal. I like both for different reasons, but definitely won’t be able to manage both.

  2. OK, once again, you are WAY more organized than I am. ALL OF MY GLORIOUS ENVY. Thank you for this post and your amazing end of the year tradition. Which I may have to copy. At the least, I really want to try Pocket now.

  3. Yay for a system that works! My take on the Grimoire project has… taken a more random general term aside from my day planner so now I have two of them. I have you to thank though, for plowing thru to find a system that works for me. Your Pocket is my Feedly, it seems. XD

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