You may remember that I gave Redbird a month.

I started my new job this week, almost exactly one month after the conversation.

Thank you, Redbird. Thank you, Jupiter and Hekate. Thank you, Mara and Ganesha.

So… now what?

Thus far, Redbird has mostly been working me through specific energywork techniques. I’m not yet sure what she is going to want me to do next, or how she fits into my regular pantheon, but I’m open to finding out. In the next couple of weeks, as I get more space in my head, I expect to spend more time with her.

Training is a new and tiring schedule. Right now I’m keeping up my daily recitation for Hekate and doing some kind of general offerings every day and that’s as much as I can say.

I have a lot going on – in spirituality, in work, in other commitments. But for a change I feel like maybe I’ll get the chance to catch up if I just keep going.

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