Happy New Year!

Looks like it’s a good year for cocks, eh?

At third new year we thank Brhenti for being with us through the winter and start looking towards Mara’s return. I’ve got a new outdoor space and I’m starting from scratch this year, but I’m hoping to get serious with my containers even if I don’t have my garden box anymore.

I’ve been doing bits and bobs of things: writing longhand a lot, starting a little experiment in working with planetary powers, small offerings to the local powers. I started meditating regularly again with this app called Headspace.

I’ve seen a couple of people talking about #domagick and I’m tossing around ideas for what to do for it. Frankly the most intimidating part is not the doing but the fact that you’re supposed to talk about it publicly. Still, I’m a bit at loose ends, and it might be worth it if I can settle on something.

Focus is good. I’d like focus.

Oh! I almost forgot! The Arcane Perfection anthology is out, and it includes the extended remix of On Shapeshifting as well as a ton of really interesting material from others, including some friends of mine. Highly recommended!

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