#domagick – Day 0

The most intimidating part of this remains having to find something to say everyday about what I’m doing. I’m anxious about doing this, and about doing it publicly. I already committed though, so I might as well.

To start with, here is the short daily prayer I wrote for Mara:

Good Earth, be with us
Mother Market, be with us
Lady Luck, be with us
Hearthtender, be with us
Bread-raiser, be with us
Mother of Rot, be with us
Bountiful Harvest, be with us

It’s a set of seven because she always prods me towards sevens or multiples when I’m working on things like prayer beads. Wednesday is tentatively for Ganesh and Bluebird, so we’ll see how the first day of this goes in the morning.

Meanwhile, this post from Circle Thrice turned out quite timely. Using the household as a focus seems so obvious, and yet I realize in a lot of ways I was overlooking it. While we have a kitchen shrine and offerings for the wights, a lot of my wards at the old place were physical, and it showed when we moved. I still have physical wards planned that I haven’t put up yet, and I’ll hopefully be doing that this month, too.

I started a couple of seeds in the house this week. Nothing much, just a cucumber and a tomato plant, but I wanted to start something. I bought strawberry seeds to start with the kid, too. So far she’s only focused on getting strawberry pancakes at the end but it’s a beginning.

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